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Ogos 6, 2004

Book List on my PDA

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Booklib V1.25 on my ipaq 4150

Booklib is a simple but powerful program for pocketpc which can record and track all my collection of books in my PDA. Previuosly I maintained a list of my books on Excel sheet. I have not completed my list yet, but it can always be updated whenever and wherever I like. The program will record the title, author, publisher and year published, number of pages, price, ISBN etc. I can also give rating from 0 to 5 on the books. I can also link the list to other file in my pda. This is useful, if I have any comments on the books saved on separate file or if I have an e-book version of the book in my pda.

I downloaded the program from freewareppc and as the name says, it is free and it only occupies 53kb on my ipaq 4150.


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  1. hi, sama lah kita. pakai model 4150. dah join ipaqclub ke blom? http://www.ipaqclub.com.my

    Komen oleh sherrina — Ogos 20, 2004 @ 12:27 am

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